Some Very Less Known Facts About History Of Orange County

With a large number of new tract houses, malls, and freeways, no one can ever imagine that Orange County caters some great history in it. But there are certain places in the county which depict stories which even the locals are not aware of.

So let us have a look at some of the lesser known historical facts about Orange County.

The Oldest Woman In The West: Laguna Woman

In 1933 in Laguna Beach a 17-year-old amateur archaeologist dug out a skull out of the ground of St Ann’s Drive. The female skull was dated to be over 17,000 years old. For years, Laguna Woman was considered to be the First Woman in the Western Hemisphere as nothing similar to it was found near.

But later some very old remains were found in various other parts of the Western Hemisphere.

Blunderbuss Canyon

In 1769, Gasper de Portola had ridden through the hills of Orange County in search of the better place where he can build missions for Spain. While they passing through a local canyon someone in his group lost his blunderbuss which is a type of short shotgun. This is the reason why the canyon is named with the Spanish name. The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana has a decades-old gun which is claimed to be the actual “blunderbuss” which was lost a long time ago.

Home Sweet Home: The Rios Adobe

When the Spanish soldier Feliciano Rios must have built his house near the Mission San Juan Capistrano he must have never thought that today it would become one of the historical places in the Orange County.He had built the house in 1794 and since then his family has been living here and honoring their Spanish, California and Juaneno heritage.


Serious Money Saving Tips For Buying Beauty Products

In today’s world, finding some time to take care of one’s self is a tough job. Then again if you manage to find some time you will be surprised to know that you will also have to invest a good amount of money on different beauty products. Whether it is everyday care products or cosmetic ones, it is really going to blow money out of your pocket. So let’s make it simple and straight. You need to use your mind and apply some money saving tricks to get a good deal on these products. So here in this post, you will find such tricks that are going to leave you startled.

Discount discount discount

Always look for discounts Vouchershop is one of your best bet when it comes to finding discount codes. Make it a habit to look for discount codes, before you click on the submit button, to complete order. You can even search for discounts on Google.

Ask for sample products

Most of the small stores are ready to give away sample packets to customers. So in case you are not sure about a product, better ask for samples. This way you will not be left spending on a product that you failed to find interesting. Moreover, this can even save you more as you will be getting samples for free.

Sign up for newsletter

Yeah, no one loves junk emails in the inbox. But understand that signing up at your favourite store can be the best decision you ever make. You will get the chance to get your hand on insider deals and flash sales. So apart from all the promotions, your inbox will have valuable deals. Moreover, some stores even provide a discount on your first order when you sign up for email alerts.

Join loyalty program

It is always free! Loyalty programs come some amazing offers like free shipping, free gifts, some ‘members only’ deals, etc. You can even collect the reward points to get cash back.

Subscribe for monthly products

The best way to get a regular stock of beauty products is by subscribing to monthly set. You will be surprised to know that the price of products will be less than the retail price. Moreover, if you are lucky, you will get a hand on some sample products.

Make use of social media

Many of the online stores give away coupon codes and announce sale on their social media page. So if you want to make use of them then just like the store on Facebook.

So, now you have got enough tips to look beautiful that too by staying in your budget. Make use of them next time when you shop for beauty products.


The Ultimate Checklist For Designers Before Presenting to A Client

You’ll be having looming deadlines for different projects. Just picking a random design and presenting it to a client will not work, there are other things that you should prepare for the meeting to let your project presentation work as you intend. Remember, preparation is the key; you need to be confident and comfortable to impress the client with your project or proposal.

Before you start to work on your actual presentation, just have an idea about whom you’re going to talk to? Who all will be present for your presentation? What would be the goal? – And then, prepare an appropriate strategy. Make sure you tailor your presentation in respect to the audience you’re going to approach.

Companywebsitedesign offers cheap website design in melbourne and outlines a comprehensive checklist that a good designer should be prepared of before presenting a project to a client:

  1. Design your presentation
  • Being a designer, your presentation should be able to reflect the best quality work, you’ve accomplished before.
  • Design the presentation by adding lights and visuals. Check whether everything is easy to read and see, slides are custom or branded.
  • Design each slide provoking a thought while making the presentation simple and easy to follow.
  • Avoid blur images and types that aren’t easy to see. Ensure that all the elements are clearly visible.
  • If in case, technology doesn’t cooperate or the elements stop working, have a handy backup plan ready with you.
  1. Be prepared to explain the designs

Think about the potential questions that can be raised during presentations and be prepared to answer them. Focus mainly on two things: Explaining the basic design and why it’ll work for the client and highlighting the features of the design. Remember, the main goal of any of these meeting would be selling your services or designs to the client. So, treat your design as a product and yourself as a seller and be prepared to answer the questions and explain all the facets of design.

  1. Practice and Polish your Pitch

Pitch plays a vital role because how the client responds will be depending on how do you present. So, practice ans polish your pitch well.

  • Do not tell them, show and explain! Let the clients visualize the mockups and sketches you can offer them. Include some best work examples from your portfolio to help this.
  • Keep your presentation short and simple. Avoid over speaking and explaining what you’ve done and can do. Just say what is needed and wrap up.
  • Don’t make your presentation boring ending up like reading a script. Involve some excitement into it and match your tone according to the visuals.
  • Time is important. Rehearse your presentation before so that you have an idea how long you’ll be speaking.
  1. Structure your presentation well

Figure out a general structure and outline that you’re using every time in your presentations. This will make you comfortable for whole process. See how?

  • Begin with a Thank you and briefly describe your project
  • Explain the client at what stage you are and what will be next.
  • Ask the client for their suggestions and feedback.
  • Walk through the designs and your visuals.
  • Ask for any discussions or questions
  • Ask for the takeaways that client needs to do before next meeting on the things you’ll be working on.

Final Words

This short checklist can help you better prepare your presentation and tackle it smartly.


Mattel’s New Collection of Halo Action Figures And Toys Look Amazing!

For many years, people at McFarlane Toys have been handling Halo license. And, to be honest, their action figures have always been awesome. However, after a recent deal with Microsoft, Mattel will be soon controlling the McFlarlane and the good news is, Mattel has already made a strong first impression.

After its first line of Halo action figures, Mattel has now designed two separate tiers in which, one features more articulation and the other features slimmed down design at discounted rate.

The true stars of Halo are the new six-inch action figures with 30 points of articulation and a pair of interchangeable weapons. Basically,  promo codes of cubify are available with 5% off and the first tier action figures can also be purchased at discounted rates in addition to five customizable Spartan figures. You can start with the Master Chief and might end up with entirely new. Although, the new covenant elite is also available, but its armor will not be interchangeable.

The six-inch line isn’t nearly as detailed as 12-inch set, but each action figure comes with interchangeable weapons-in addition, these weapons actually chips on the back of the action figure.

There’s also a new collection of vehicle replicas are about to hit the market. Of course, Halo action figures are just the beginning, Mattel also stated a brand new set of Halo 5 Mega bloks, which includes a new line of Spartan action figures and a new artillery tank and marine artillery unit.

But, if you prefer for the remote controlled toys, then you are in luck, because Mattel is working on a collection of remote-controlled toys as well. And of course, Halo wouldn’t be the same without signature weapons. The Mattel is also launching the second collection of iconic Halo weapons. The MA-5 Assault Rifle and Brute Spiker, but if you are not a fan of guns, there will be also a full-sized Energy Sword replica.

So far, Microsoft’s deal with Mattel is paying off. I am pretty excited about the fact that Mattel is hitting Halo from all around- Boom Co guns, Mega Bloks, remote controlled vehicles and action figures adapted from the both Halo 5 and Halo wars 2. Hopefully the retail versions will also look same as the samples when they launch later this year.


Things You Must Definitely Do If You Are In Orange County

Welcome to Orange County.

Announce Your Arrival On Instagram With An Establishing Shot in Heisler Park.

Heisler Park is basically a lush, iconic waterfront park in Laguna Beach where you will find lots of locals hanging out. It is situated on the cliffs which overlooks a long stretch of coastline which means you can get a sweet panoramic views. And there are lots of entrances to the beach below along the way.

Fall in love with west coast hiking in Crystal Cove State Park.

Crystal Cove State Park is located in Laguna Beach is well known for its miles and miles of gorgeous scenic hiking trails, both coastal and wooded. You can even camp here.

And also in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.

This place is full of fresh, gorgeous waterfront hiking views. If you really wish to go on hiking like an OC-er, then hit up Dartmoor Trail, it is a local favorite.

Go back in time and spend a night in these retro Crystal Cove Beach Cottages.

There are a bunch of oldschool beach cottages which are present right in the middle of Crystal Cove State Park which have been around since the 1930s and 40s. Since then they have been renovated, but the originality, their history and low maintenance beach vibe charm is definitely still there. Reserve a night here, but be warned: Spot go quickly, so it’s best to book way in advance.

Die and go to fresh-fish heaven at Bear Flag Fish Co.

This Newport Beach hot spot serves the freshest fish in all of Orange County. They have got it in all ways: in fish tacos, in sushi, in poke you name it.

Watch and gram the sunset at the Huntington Beach Pier.

This is one of the most iconic spot in Huntington Beach. And for good reason: Just Look how the sun shines through the pier! Done and Done.